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Wilmington Machinery is a recognized leader for providing innovative and cost effective blow molding and injection molding machines and processes to produce high output packaging and structural plastic parts. The high speed blow molding machines for Barrier and Multilayer containers have been engineered to exceed capacities and achieve costs previously thought unreachable. Large Platen injection molding machines are designed and matched with a wide variety of extrusion and injection systems.

With custom plastic processing machinery we offer the ability to create your own custom injection or blow molding machine, giving you a distinct competitive advantage whether you want to make your own plastic pallets or other structural plastic parts.

Wilmington focuses on the application and delivering a complete production ready plastic processing system to guarantee our customers' success. Knowledge, flexibility, strong technical leadership and commitment to excellence are core principles within Wilmington that strengthen strong customer relationships and lead to superior results.

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Small Bottle
Blow Molding

Adjustable mold lengths make it ideal for many applications

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Plastic Pallets

A concise overview of our pallet-making capabilities

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