Unquestionably the Best Way to Make Plastic Pallets

Pallateer Machine

Since 1975, Wilmington has been building and furnishing plastic pallet molding systems for customers around the globe. They come to us for fully integrated and automated machinery to produce strong, lightweight and low-cost pallets.

The LUMINA Pallateer is the latest of Wilmington’s rich history of machinery developments that match the needs of today. The PALLATEER is an integrated system compromising the finest components working together to deliver high quality pallets from low cost (up to 100% recycled) materials, with minimum labor, floor space and utilities.

The pallets produced are of all types – one way nestable, single deck, double deck, rackable, etc. Most importantly, the pallets made on LUMINA Pallateer Systems are arguably the best on the market today! The Pallateer’s ability to take low-cost plastic raw materials and compound additives, and achieve density reduction with exponential gains in stiffness, results in strong, lightweight and low-cost pallets.

Features and Advantages

  • Makes all types and sizes of pallets
  • 100% RECYCLED material capability
  • Fully automated – low labor
  • Low energy
  • Smaller footprint
  • Low cost production
  • Complete systems – machinery, molds, pallet design, know-how

Watch Video of the Pallateer System