Innovative Concepts and Precision Solutions for Custom Molders and End Users Alike

(Shown Above: LUMINA LP1000)

Since 1972, Wilmington has produced rotary, multi-clamp, small and large single-clamp machines with single or dual injection, in clamp capacities of 25 to 1,500 tons and injection capacities of 25 to 250 pounds.

Features and Advantages

  • Robust construction optimized through comprehensive FEA analysis
  • 5-cylinder clamp construction for superior force distribution
  • Advanced accumulator / configurable nozzle injection
  • Versafil injection control of each nozzle independently
  • Large platen area and more mold mounting space
  • High torque extruders for fast recovery
  • Open construction – ease of access for setup and maintenance
  • Gas assist, counterpressure molding capabilities

History of Successes

  • 1975 – Rotary Series
  • 1978 – Two Station Series for Pallet Molding
  • 1985 – 500 Ton Multiple Mold
  • 1992 – HE Series (horizontal Elevated)
  • 1999 – LP Series (low profile, robot ready)
  • 2002 – LUMINA h Series
  • 2006 – LUMINA LP Series
  • 2009 – LUMINA Pallateer Series
  • 2016 – LUMINA MP Series (medium pressure)

Make Plastic Pallets and Bins

Eco-Friendly and 100% Recycled

The combination of expertise in machinery, processing and product design, mold and auxiliary equipment integration for automation, and strong customer support makes Wilmington Machinery your perfect partner for success!

Plastic Pallets Made Profitable

A concise overview of our pallet-making capabilities:

  • Why plastic pallets are better than wood
  • Your options in structural foam production
  • Essential questions for getting started
  • What it takes and what it costs

Plastic Pallets Brochure

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