Wilmington Machinery is a recognized leader in producing large-part, low-pressure hybrid injection molding machines with shot capacities to 300 lb. (135 kg). The combination of two-stage (extruder/accumulator) and configurable multi-nozzle injection with Versafil control results in strong, lightweight and economical products. Long-life, low-cost molds, very long-life machinery, and the ability to mold 100% recycled plastics are hallmarks of our process!

LUMINA Pallateer Series
Injection molding machine for creating
light and low-cost pallets


LUMINA Medium Pressure Series
Ideal medium-pressure hybrid
injection molding machine


LUMINA General Purpose Series
Low-pressure structural plastics
injection molding machines


Make Plastic Pallets and Bins

Eco-Friendly and 100% Recycled

The combination of expertise in machinery, processing and product design, mold and auxiliary equipment integration for automation, and strong customer support makes Wilmington Machinery your perfect partner for success!

Plastic Pallets Made Easy

A concise overview of our pallet-making capabilities:

  • Why plastic pallets are better than wood
  • Your options in structural foam production
  • Essential questions for getting started
  • What it takes and what it costs

Plastic Pallets BrochureIncludes bonus document, All About Plastic Pallets, covering the basics on pallet varieties worldwide.

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